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Welcome toKalenze KraftFine Art

Western USA fine artist Kalenze Kraft was raised on a cattle ranch in North Dakota. The romantic wilderness always attracted her, and her family was well-steeped in American West culture, promoting rodeos and team ropings. Kraft's roots as an artist run deep, and her stylized Western Americana paintings owe their penetrating realism to her lively rural upbringing.

As a prominent North Dakota painter just emerging on the United States art scene, Kalenze Kraft originally was attracted to the light and form of architecture and studied Interior Design before moving on to become a self-taught oil painter.

Kraft's influences range from C.M. Russell to Degas and Gauguin, and it is also easy to think of her as something of a westernized Rockwell, as her scenes capture the everyday moments and the relentless pursuit of the genuine article from Cowboy to Contemporary. A specialist in eqine/horse art and people. Kalenze Kraft is an American artist worth adding to your collection.



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