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All featured Limited Editions are signed in oil and numbered by the artist. All giclées are printed on canvas. Click on the thumbnails below to view the larger artwork and for ordering information.

Note: The proceeds from McCulloch will benifit the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame.

ClowningAround_tb.jpg BehindTheChutes_tb.jpg Rodeo Sport Coppertop TheShow_tb.jpg
Bringing In The Money Going For Gold Blue Streak Tilden Rides To Win Best of the West
LeroyFriend_tb.jpg CoolDrink_tb.jpg Bravestriker and Cinnamon Snake Gathering_tb.jpg Dakota
TZs First Day TimeToSwitch_tb.jpg The Brand Branding_tb.jpg Quiet Catch
The West Pasture GetGate_tb.jpg Coming Home to Burney Canyon Fish Creek Round Up Angus Rule
Bobby and Sierro Sunset Run Harrys Herd.jpg Wrangling at Sunrise Bringing In The Remuda
Bringing In The Mares Ready To Ride MyGirl_tb.jpg OneFineFlowerDay_tb.jpg FlowerGirls
Grooming LeRoy and Tall Pall WheresMyCalf WaitingToRide_tb.jpg Trimming in Wyoming
Buffalo Butte GirlsClub Longhorns Cows At Sunset Break at Indian Creek
Cinnamon Snake Drew's Horses The Stragglers

All ordered giclées are shipped unstretched in a tube. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


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